Employment Support

Our Employment Support service offers support wherever you are in the work cycle – from help getting into work, through to retraining for a different job or improving promotion chances, to help and support when you are in work - the Employment Support service has something for everyone.

Getting into Work

Getting into work – for the first time or after a break – can be daunting and for some it can be a real challenge. We have a team of Employment Support Workers who can work with you to help you move into work. You can work with our team to identify the kind of work you’re most suited for, or want to do, and they will help you plan how to get to where you want to be. Together with the team you can be supported every step of the way into work. We can also help you work out how to be better off financially in work and make sure that you are claiming all the funds that are available to you.

Having the right training or qualifications for specific jobs can be a barrier. Our Training Team provide you with the help to get the training and recognised qualifications you need. Whether it’s delivered by our Training Team or by other industry recognised training agencies we can get you what you need to get the job you want.

Showing that you have experience is important to employers. Building up practical experience with local organisations and businesses can help boost your CV. Talk with our Work Experience team about getting more experience and joining our Future Jobs or other work experience schemes.</p> <p>Volunteering can also help build up your experience and show to employers that you support your community. Local community and voluntary organisations have a wide variety of volunteering roles that you can take up to help you build up experience and confidence.

Once you’re ready to get into work you’ll need to have a top notch CV or application form completed and ready for an interview. If you’ve not had experience in being interviewed or don’t know the best tactics in presenting the best version of you to an employer then our team can help you prepare and practice.

Latest Job Vacancies are sent out once a week to our clients

We can also support you when you are in work. We can help you access training so that you can move up and get better pay or a better job; and we can help you with dealing with work-life balance and the pressures of added responsibilities.