The Pantry- A Zero Waste Initiative in Inverclyde

The Inverclyde Pantry (Grieve Road, Greenock) is the first pantry to open up outside of Glasgow in Scotland. This initiative is run in partnership with Inverclyde Council who provided initial funding for this to be created. The pantry is a zero waste food shop which also provides a dignified option for those in financial hardship or facing food insecurity. The pantry is open to all residents of Inverclyde regardless of postcode, employment or financial status.

Exciting News- Our 2nd Pantry in Port Glasgow is now open!

How Does It Work?

If you decide to become a member of the shop there is a £1 membership fee and £2.50fee per weekly shop. You can use the shop once per week, once in the shop we have colour coded shelves and you are encouraged to select a number of items from each shelf, fridge and freezer. Our volunteers are there to help with the colour coding and items. Your shop will cost £2.50 and for this payment you will receive £10-£15 worth of groceries.

Who Can Become a Member?

The Pantry is run on a membership basis, the only restriction for becoming a member is that you are an Inverclyde resident. As long as you are an Inverclyde resident you can use the pantry regardless of your financial or employment status. This is a shop for everyone.

How Do I Become a Member?

You can become a member by visiting the shop. You can also do your first shop when you become a member.

What Do You Stock?

We get our stock via a license with FairShare Scotland. We don't know what stock will arrive each week which means we always have something new. Generally we stock tinned food, fresh produce, meat and frozen goods. We've recently added toiletries to this.

Do You Accept Food Donations?

Our Pantry is run as a shop and so needs traceability, everything is temperature controlled and logged so we can't take food donations. Your items would be greatly appreciated by our friends at the foodbank though.

Where is The Pantry?

The Greenock Pantry is located at 115 Grieve Road, Greenock, PA16 7AW. Our Port Glasgow Pantry is located at 7 1/2 John Wood Street, Port Glasgow, PA14 5HU

When are you open?

The Greenock Pantry is open Mondays from 10am - 3pm and Saturdays from 8.30 am- 3 pm. The Port Glasgow Pantry is open Mondays from 10am-3pm and Fridays from 1pm- 6:30pm