There’s plenty of learning that isn’t about work, it can be about starting a new hobby, connecting with people who share your interests, or getting involved in something as a family or group.

Across our projects and services, we offer a wide range of social, recreation and learning that you can involve yourself in just for the sake of it.

If you want to host your own group or event in one of our buildings you can book a room and pay for the session.

Our befriending projects aim to make and build connections between people in their community, reduce social isolation and improve wellbeing. Our project does this by offering a source of support through building a safe and trusting relationship, time out of normal routine which provides an opportunity to meet others, feel part of the community and have fun.

Community Tracks Inverclyde is our active travel project, encouraging more journeys to be made on foot or by bike. Broadly, the project aims are to reduce waste and CO2 emissions, encourage active travel via cycling and walking, alleviate poverty, promote social inclusion and enhance employability through sustainable inexpensive transport and skills development.

The Inverclyde Pantry is the first pantry to open up outside of Glasgow in Scotland. This initiative is run in partnership with Inverclyde Council who provided initial funding for this to be created. The pantry is a zero waste shop which also provides a dignified option for those in financial hardship or facing food insecurity. The pantry is open to all residents of Inverclyde regardless of postcode, employment or financial status.

The Sharing Stories project is another side of our community work, which involves this use of heritage as a way to further improve life in our community. As part of our work to welcome and support refugee families coming to Inverclyde we work in partnership with Magic Torch Arts and Heritage Group to gather traditional stories from Syria, Sudan and Scotland, from local families. Together, we have produced a beautiful illustrated book of those stories, which will be freely available in local libraries, schools and nurseries. We also share these wonderful stories through storytelling online.

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