Trust Befriending

We have provided befriending in Inverclyde for over 20 years.

Our befriending projects aim to make and build connections between people in their community, reduce social isolation and improve wellbeing. Our project does this by offering a source of support through building a safe and trusting relationship, time out of normal routine which provides opportunity to meet others, feel part of the community and have fun

Trust Befriending

Our befriending programme works with socially isolated individuals who are assessed by health and social care managers as having a community care need and are referred to our project. This programme supports, trains and then matches volunteers with their befriendee to provide a few hours per week of social support over a six-month period.

Referrals are carefully considered for those with community care needs including people with disabilities, mental health issues, the elderly and others when appropriate

Supportive Communities Befriending

New Scots settling in Inverclyde are offered specific support by this programme. Refugees coming to Scotland can find settling into a new community intimidating and making connections with people and services can be a major challenge.

Our Supportive Communities Befriending programme supports refugees to make these connections and to engage with others in their communities

"I would not hesitate to recommend the scheme to anybody who is lonely or isolated. It can be such a lifesaver.”

Befriending service user

Become a Volunteer Befriender


Find all the information you need below to become a volunteer befriender

  •            How do i become a volunteer?

    If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please call 01475 553366 and our befriending team will talk you through becoming a volunteer befriender

  •          What will the training involve?




    The training involves learning about everything you need to know before going into the community as a volunteer befriender. Training is done through fun & games, group discussion, team work, case studies and brainstorming

  •            What will it cost?



    Training is FREE!

    Travel expenses will be paid

    Befriending expenses will be paid to you

  •               What commitment is required?



    We ask for a few hours (2-3) hours each week for a 6month period to visit or take part in activities with your Befriendee 

  •              What happens after training?



    If you want to become a befriender you will be matched with a befriendee based upon your interests. 

    Along with the Project Coordinator you will meet the befriendee and where relevent their carer or key worker.