Dutch Gable House

Dutch Gable House

Stories...whether its social and family histories, fairytales and folklore, weaving songs and sea shanties, or good old fashioned fiction, The Dutch Gable House is here to celebrate and share the stories that make us who we are... #whatsyourstory

The Dutch Gable House is situated in 14 William Street, Greenock, 5 minutes walk from Greenock Central Station. If you are in the town square, and can see the Town Hall, Kirk clock and beautiful wrought iron fountain..you are practically there. William Street runs down towards the river from the fountain. It is included on the Greenock Town Trail. We are open 9 - 5 Tuesday through Saturday.

Tel : 01475 724765

Twitter: @dutchgable

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDutchGableHouse

Blog: identityinverclyde.blogspot.co.uk

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